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About US

IT Technologies is based in Birmingham, Alabama USA and we undertake web site development, network topologies and building of content management systems.

IT Technologies was formed in 2005 and is a is a subsidiary of formed by the original developers of TL Track ( Truck and Load Track), one of the first of its kind a web applications, for the trucking industry.This experience of running an internet based solution combined with our network of developers and programmers means we are in a unique and ideal position for developing your web application and management system.


Our approach to projects begin with assessing the problem or need: either a new business need that is not currently being met or something that needs to change in some way to achieve different results. There can be many reasons behind this need such as the availability of new technology affording new opportunities, a desire to improve services or reduce costs or a need to implement some new legislation. We refer to these as drivers since they drive the need for the project. More...



Our Team

  • Training & Support Staff He is supposed to be the most important member of your team. Usually this is the person who has started the web site. Maybe it is worth to write why he made has such a decision.
  • Implementation & Strategy Deployment SpecialistHead of Design and Development and leads the creative design team. Keith is responsible for maintaining the high quality of our development work. Keith also liaise with our customers to ensure that their solutions are tailor made to their needs, this also includes helping with E-commerce strategy development. He is also very much involved in the day to day running of the company.
  • Our team Goal We are completely lost on what he's responsible for, but we hope that you know it ;) We also hope that you will tell it to the rest of the world including us by placing some real text here.